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Utilitaires Divertissement
Développeur AXA

AXA Drive enables you in a simple way to better understand and improve your driving behavior. The app records your acceleration, braking and behavior while turning during phases of a trip, and it then produces an analysis. After the trip, it evaluates your driving behavior. You can compare your results with friends on social networks. You will also receive useful tips on how to improve your driving behavior.

- Analysis of completed trips
- Evaluation of own driving behavior with #AXADdrive experience points
- A high number of points indicate good driving behavior
- Tips on improving the way of driving
- Collection of badges
- Invite your friends and compare your driving performance.
- Sharing of results via social networks

AXA Drive is an intuitive helper to improve your driving performance.

Important: This app uses a GPS signal in the background and may reduce the battery’s runtime.